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Trapani Art & Frame's art gallery features a large selection of:

by New York and Long Island artists, and again, we are happy to lend an artwork ‘on approval’ to let you see how well it will work in your home. We truly understand the importance of art in our lives and in our homes and work spaces.

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 List of artists:

Rose Ann Albanese
Patrick Antonelle
Shain Bard
Diane Lennox Bares
Doug Barnaby
Michele Bonelli
Joe Borg 
Caryn Coville
John Deng
Nancy Fabrizio 
Bill Farran 
Connie Foley 
Phyllis Goodfriend 
Bart Guisto 
Adam Hardy
Gordon Inyard
Peiliang Jin

Elaine Karton

Steven Klein
John Mansueto
Antonio Masi
Jay Nolan
Sherri Ocner
Joseph Palazzolo
Richard Pantell
Howard Rose
Carol Saxe
Ellen Nathan Singer
Carlina Valenti
Laura Westlake
Karen Whitman
David Wollin
Colin Young

We now deal with Authentic Antique French Posters dating from the 1880's through the 1930's. Featured artists are:
  • Cheret
  • Grun
  • Pal
  • Cappiello
  • Toussaint
  • Misti
  • Privat Livemont
  • Truchet
  • Henri Gray
and many more. Please scroll and click on below images to view inventory. Our poster expert Peggy Bronstein will be available, by appointment, to answer all of your questions and help with your selection.

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Little Offerings
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Maitre de L'Affiches

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Figaro Illustre
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Why We Love French Posters 


Advertising by means of posters was not begun in France.  In the 18th century in America, there were political placards and wall posters advertising traveling circuses and minstrel shows.  In France, however, inspired by the opulence of their monarchs, the French developed a keener sense of style and art, and Paris became a center of culture and artistic excellence.  It was in this intellectual atmosphere, which spilled over into the general population, it’s commerce and industry, that the development of a new ‘middle-class’ occurred of intellectually curious, avid readers, art and music lovers, theatre-goers, travelers and shoppers. 
The stage was set for the perfect marriage between aesthetic expression and the needs of a new consumer- oriented economy-the ‘French’ poster.  By the 19th century, for the first time in history, the average citizen had discretionary income, leisure time, mobility and access to consumer goods.  The French poster movement of exciting, beautifully styled and sophisticated images of men, women and children doing all the things and buying all the things everyone wants to do and buy in living color.  The love of literature with lavish book illustrations, along with the placards advertising the books arrival, by well established artists took advertising to a higher and more successful level.
The invention of the lithography stone in 1798 and the improvements to the lithographic process, such as 3 stone color blending, by Jules Cheret in the 1870s led to the phenomenon of the French Poster lining the streets of Paris and the rest of Europe and leading to The Belle Epoque of the 1890s, Art Nouveau and the Art Deco movements.  Modern generations focused on television as the most frequent source of entertainment cannot appreciate how important the ‘outdoors’ was.  The 1890’s was a time in Paris when everybody lived in public, taking their meals at cafes and watching the other half stroll by viewing all the posters displayed along the boulevards.
Posters became so popular with the public that magazines and exhibitions devoted to posters were started by the 1880s and publishers printed extra editions just for collectors.


Vintage posters are big and bold, humorous and romantic, and best of all-they tell stories!  They tell the stories of musical raucous Paris, travel to exotic places by rail and ship, new found freedoms of the bicycle and motorcar, fantastic new devices like electric lamps and gas stoves.  They tell the stories of all the things that make our lives delightful- champagne, cookies, chocolate, cosmetics and cologne.  We see ourselves at play- tennis, skiing, gold and sailing. Vintage posters work well in any décor.  They blend in and enhance traditional and transitional rooms and make a fun graphic focal point in clean modern decors.  Keep in mind, these posters art artwork, they have history and true value.


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